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Paper Hearts Studio

Turning a moment into a work of art 

At our studio, we create various purpose-driven artistic works from greeting cards to video games.  Coming in November of 2023 will be the first book in Ollie & Evie's Amazing Adventures.  

Book One in Ollie & Evie's Amazing Adventures will create a world in which reality and imagination converge to tell a story that most kids will want to and can go out and experience themselves.  Ollie's father is a bit concerned that his son is spending too much time playing video games so he decides on a simple activity that will lead to one of the best days ever.

The paperback version can now be purchased on Amazon and other sites.  

Several more books will be coming in 2024.  A few of these books will also be made into playable video games accessible on Roblox.  

Your Card, Your Design

Nothing is better than bringing joy to others, especially to those who have a place in our hearts.  At Painted Paper Hearts we use your photographs and images and turn them into customized works of art.  Taking a beautiful memory or moment in time and making a one-of-a-kind gift card and art piece that is both meaningful and original and will be cherished forever. 

Once the piece has been created it will be emailed to you as a printable card as well as a standalone digital piece, which can be turned into a print or electronically displayed.  

Give the gift of  Art

Each art piece is custom-made 

It's time to give that special someone a gift that they will never forget.  Commissioned art work that will be used to make a one-of-a-kind gift card and if so desired the piece can be made into a print or digitally displayed.  

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