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What is Immortalzied?


Simply put it's art, but what is art?  Is it looking at something beautiful and setting out to paint it just for the sake of doing so? Sure, to some it's simply making something lovely for no rhyme or reason other than because they want to.  Every artist has their own definition of what art is. 


Every year countless people go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, with so few asking why it was painted.  Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint it, but yet he never turned it over to Francesco del Giocondo.  He worked on the painting until his death, 16 years after it began.  Understanding the reason behind why the Mona Lisa was painted is one of life's great mysteries.  

This book will help people understand how purpose-driven art comes to be.  Anyone can be an artist because art makes itself.  It happens organically.  

The red-hot flames sought to devour us but our desire to love and be loved fought back. In those moments of agony, everything could be felt so deeply, so profoundly as the emotions turned to colors crying out for expression.  Behind our eyes, you can see the colors ready to explode.


From this palette, Immortalized was born, if you look from far enough away you can feel the magic. R.I.P 2018 – 2020

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