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The Process - 

Beautiful Expres

Hand Drawing

What is Art? Are the feelings and thoughts that go into the expression more important than the outcome? That’s a good question. 


A kid paints something for his mother and works on it every day for two months to express his love and appreciation for her.  His mother loves it and is so moved that it brings her to tears.  However, to the casual observer, the painting doesn’t look all that spectacular.  It looks like something a kid made. 


A talented artist wants to paint something that people will buy, so he paints a cozy cottage, next to a lovely stream, with lots of pretty flowers and butterflies.  It’s nestled next to an enchanting forest, it’s a perfect day as a couple is seen holding hands on a quaint single arch bridge made of stone.  The painting is magnificent but the only reason for the creation was monetary in nature. 

Which is the better painting?  In a perfect world, it’s the kid that paints the masterpiece. 

Watercolor Painting_edited.jpg
Woman Painting_edited.jpg
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