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La Tavolozza di D.Romeo 

Every painter needs a palette and from this palette, Immortalized came to be.

Contained in the Prologue, "We teeter on the edge in the space between life and death because we were cut to pieces and left for dead. As we were engulfed by the flames we cried out in pain, but we refused to die, remembering the love that once made us whole, clinging to the heaven, which existed before the hell. The red-hot flames sought to devour us but our desire to love and be loved fought back. In those moments of agony, everything could be felt so deeply, so profoundly as the emotions turned to colors crying out for expression.  Behind our eyes, you can see the colors ready to explode."

If you look from far enough away, you can feel the magic.  R.I.P 2018 - 2020

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