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Più prezioso dell'oro

Whilst this painting wasn't referenced in Immortalized it was made during the writing of Immortalized.  It was made from little pieces of cut paper each individually finger painted and a cracked open fortune from the last day D.Romeo was in the place of inspiration.  It was there that he made friends with a few people who had lost their fathers prematurely and being an empath he couldn't help but to respond with this hopeful piece.   Above all else, this is what makes D.Romeo an artist.   


At the very moment, you came into this world, true love 

If God is love, I met him that day, you paved the way


Having you, holding you, living in our fairytale 

Your first steps, each one so unforgettable 

My darling little princess, ask for anything and it’s yours


Cruelly woven tearful saddening sobs 

Daming dingy dim darkening disarray 

A bruised and battered broken tomorrow   


Heart on display

To save her from the coming day 

A father’s love keeping the wolves at bay 


In her castle, she remained until it was safe

Years passed, she grew stronger

Coming into her own


For whatever happened to her kingdom

How she missed it so

To walk in its splendor just one more time 

Oh cha, where have you gone


Our castle still stands, it will never crumble 

A castle built on an everlasting foundation

One protective loving brick at a time

The cornerstone laid when I held you for the very first time

So delicate, so perfect, so lovely, my baby girl 

Tears of joy turned to stone 


My one and only princess needed a castle 

In every brick, you can find a memory 

Moments shared, moments made, living on in you


Head up to the tower, wave to me

I hope, I helped to get you there, for that is where you forever belong 


Our journey together, a father’s love and in my baby girl, nirvana found

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