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La Voce della Rosa di Mezzanotte

This painting looks different than almost any other because of how it was created.   What makes it special is that it was created only using two varies of soft pastel sticks along with a few color shapers.  It's very challenging to create detail with pastel sticks, so D.Romeo was very proud of the finished piece.  In the book Immortalized, this is when -

The euphoric excitement could be seen in her eyes, so he removed the enchanted rose from his mouth and used the power still flowing from him to place it on her lap and then said what was on his heart.  Francesca had watched in amazement as the rose flew through the air and into her lap.

“Lovely is the voice of midnight

Only through death, can there be life

The day made beautiful by the night

Deadly moonlit rosy kisses

Destiny’s fate defying thorns

Dark dreams from dusk till dawn

We are death’s dancing duet

I cannot wait to die once more”


“In your eyes, is where it all began

When I saw you for the very first time

In your eyes, the girl inside, calling out to me


Souls speaking,


Made for each other, you, my other half

We were meant to be, you and me, it was destiny

I am free, but I will never be me


They say when you die, to follow the light

But yours was the light that gave me life

Together forever we will be


In the days before time, two souls entwined

It was yours and mine


La Rosa dell’amore, high in the midnight sky

Beauty beyond beauty, the one that I love

Hearts inside us, beating as one


Our night together, I will always remember

Here inside me, you will always be


A song sung, another to be written

My never-ending prose for the midnight rose”


(Then Terra started making beautiful sounds that sounded like words, but they were not, for he could not voice with existing words, the beauty of her, how she made him feel)

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