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La Luce di Amesole - Poema

The cover painting was the first painted and it was nearly a year-long process to reach the end.  Unlike with the other paintings, multiple versions in different mediums were painted until everything finally came together.  Every major part of this painting was individually sketched and it came together organically.  The first was the pineapple and lastly the sun.  It would take forever and a day to explain the process from beginning to end, but first and foremost this painting was meant to exude an adorably warm personality.   The beach needed to come alive and the sun had to be powerfully felt.  

When viewing the traditional painting, the sun can be seen and felt perfectly when looking at it from either side.  The sun and its rays had to be dissected in order for the light to be fully painted.  Each layer had to be symmetrically structured with each painted layer becoming slightly darker as the light yellows changed to darker oranges.   The color schemes were developed around how the sun rises and sets in Sedona, Arizona.  

As stated in Immortalized, "Most spectacular would be the sound produced by the waves as they crashed against the beach.  He wanted to play the chord that would enrapture her heart.  From the sea emerged a hand, in his hand a violin.  He let the colors of the sea blend with the skyline, symbolic of how her rays would hit him.  Her song would be heard, not just seen.  It was a song as well, but the first part of it wouldn’t be sung, but poetically spoken.  This is how he would describe the painting to her in his voice.  This is what she would hear when looking at the painting as the waves crashed against the shore."

The poem exemplifies both the painting and the personality of the character Amelie.  


Shades of inspiriting brightness abound

Beaming rays sweetly neatly enshroud 


An awakening aura of stunning warmth

Spherical scorching perfection thenceforth


A compassionately forged burning rosebush foundation

Intensely exhilarating incandescent illumination

Blazing star petals of the sky dawning the narration


Whooshy wiggling wild waves wooingly waltzed

Weaving wonderfully whimsical whitewashed walls


Symbiotically synthesizing oceanic transcendence

Shoreline convergence beyond heavenly ascendence


Fluttering leaves fanning childhood recollections

A utopian reality mixed with dreamlike reflections


Vibrantly cascading luminous beachy elements entwine

Fruity island colors forming a personality so divine


Thirty-two white pearls dawning the sunrise 

An ageless diamond sitting on an ever-changing sandbar

Luminescent rays ceaselessly composing warm words

Heated moving textures of a sensitive sandy gold

Stylishly sweet sunny shades on the seafloor

Dancing oceanic notes flowing over the cubed coral

Sunlit harmonies of the heart played out

A glowingly captured melodic moment


A beautiful perfection that could only ever be known as scintillating Amesole

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