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Stephanie Wild

For me art is a form of therapy, a way to communicate and express to the world by creating an image, giving a performance or writing prose. Art comes in many forms, doesn’t adhere to any boundaries, it’s limitless, freeing and challenging and I cannot imagine a world void of it. 


While I don’t consider myself to be a painter, writer or an actor, I have however been involved and surrounded by all three since I was very young.  Growing up I was always attracted to anything creative, and early on discovered a passion for theatre and art, which spoke to me in ways nothing else could.  Attending a specialized Arts High School my love for these art forms was richly encouraged, developed and challenged.  My art was first exhibited in a gallery when I was 17 years old, and I sold my first piece; a ceramic bust, soon after.  From there I continued my education, choosing to focus my studies on acting and theatre arts, and went on to perform in many plays and productions. 


Today I have left acting in my past, however I am continually learning and growing on my artistic path.  Working with different media, whether it’s acrylics, pastels, watercolor or oils, my desire is to share my love and instill wonder in the beauty of everyday life.  Life is beautiful, tragic, fragile, messy, funny and colorful, and if I can create or capture just a slither, invoke an emotion, or spark a smile through immortalizing a memory my job is complete.


That is what makes art so beautiful and powerful.  

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