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Your Card, Your Design

As unique as you are!

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Want to give one of the greatest and unique cards ever?  We make that possible.  When you order a card from Paper Hearts, it's a one-of-one work of art.  It will be the only one ever created for whoever that special someone is.  You will upload an image within our card design center and we will use that as a means to create a mixed media art piece.  You will also answer a few questions along the way to assist us with the creation process.  

We will also elaborately hand decorate the card as well, to make it even more amazing.  Each card will be serial numbered 1/1 and uniquely decorated dependent on a variety of factors.  You can choose to add a personalized message or leave it blank.  

So long as the image uploaded is 3000 or more pixels in width or height, at no additional cost, we will also email you a digital file of the artwork, to which you will own the rights.  This will also be the equivalent of having your own custom-made NFT. 


Once the piece is created, others including yourself will have the option to order an art print or poster of it.  However, there will be an additional cost associated with ordering the print.  Please keep in mind that the average iPhone photo is 4032x3024 pixels in size.    

The total cost for this package which includes free shipping is only $125, that's why our motto is, give a gift better than jewelry, because what type of jewelry can you purchase for this price that would be this appreciated and nearly as meaningful?  This will be a one-of-one customized work of art.

What to Expect

Our cards are made with the same fine art paper that a prized finished work would be painted on.  Heavyweight, acid-free, toothy, some paper is made with 100% cotton, and some are cold-pressed.  The paper used will depend on the artwork which is created.  

High-quality paints make all the difference.  It's the amount and type of pigment and how the paints blend together.  All artistic touches are made using the finest paints in existence.

All of the paint is applied using finely shaped Kolinsky sable brushes.  Nothing tops a sharp point that snaps back to form to add the desired amount of detail.  

Enter your own message and we will build it into the card to create an unforgettable experience for the recipient. 

Each card will arrive in a beautiful box in lieu of an envelope.

Each card is a one-of-one and hand made to meet buyer specifications, which can be done through our Card Design Center - Click here to visit our design center and place your order! 

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