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This was taken directly from one of the paintings to communicate the power of the light.


First as stated in Immortalized, "He found her beauty to be incomprehensible.  All the moments they had shared together lead him to one overriding conclusion, her beauty was timeless, she was a woman insulated from the ravages of the years gone by and yet to come, no matter what she wore, how she did her hair, her age, weight, makeup or no makeup, she would always be the most beautiful girl in the room, because of who she was on the inside.  It was the true essence of who she was that enraptured his heart........................ he was compelled to bring these feelings to life in some way."

And then, "So he went back to the sun, the source of her beauty.  One yellow above all felt right to him, lemon yellow nickel titanate, while it wasn’t as intense there was a purity to its brightness that would be able to electrify the sky.  It would be able to contrast with the other warmer yellows perfectly."


With each new layer, he could feel more and more of her.  He stood up and let the power flow through him all the way to his fingers.  Then he grasped the painting and pushed his energy into it, watching as thin yellow streaks shot across the sky."

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