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About our cards

Nothing is better than bringing joy to others, especially to those who have a special place in our hearts.  Expressing to others what they mean to us in many ways is what life is all about.  Love is transcendent and for me, it’s the reason behind why I became an artist.  


The beauty of my art is derived from the emotions that went into the creation and how it made the other person feel.  I’m not as focused on how it looks as I am on how its purpose is being communicated.  For example, this is just a rose.  However, I wanted the center to have an endless depth to express the many sides of the person for which it was painted.  The spiraling effect also communicates how I was drawn in by their unique qualities.  How is one’s unique depth shown within the simplicity of a single rose? In nature, a rose won’t look like that exactly.  I gave it texture and contrast to express this.   






The reason behind the painting of La Luce di Amesole was explained in the novel, Immortalized.  The beautiful thing about artistic expression is that the power of the expression dictates what comes to be.  

When purchasing a greeting card, you are forced to either select a card based on the message or based on how it looks.  How often have you wanted to take a message from one card and the art from another?  A Painted Paper Heart is one in which you the sender selects both the art and the message to be received.  You are taking something that is real and making it your own to provide the recipient with an unforgettable experience.  It will also be uniquely touched up so the card will be beautiful when looked upon.  Each card will be in a box in lieu of an envelope because it's a gift card.  The message will be placed within the card and the recipient will be required to open more than just the card to receive the message.  This activity will give the message more charm and authenticity.  


This was done in watercolor and lightly finished off with soft pastels.  The real-life version is of course much larger.  Now that you know why it was created, you can see what you didn't likely see before.

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