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Art Gallery

Coming Soon

O & E

An already written series of books, just finishing up the illustration work.  Each to be released one at a time, with another every two months thereafter.  The first was done in watercolor.


Art Exhibitions

Come to an exhibition and see the paintings.  D.Romeo would love to meet you.   Copies of his books will be made available, each with a one-of-one sketch on the inside cover.  


The Dance

Amongst other things, this novel will give you a firsthand look at the most powerful subculture in the world, and so few even know of its existence.  It will answer one of life's greatest questions.


Interactive Video Games

Join us in the metaverse.  D.Romeo started coding from a young age and now he's teaching his son Lua.  His son O has already made money as a creator on Roblox.

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