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Full Circle - Sneak Peak


Dan Brown writes great books, intertwining a variety of interesting storylines and real-life locations to tell tales of adventure and intrigue. He once wrote a book titled, The Da Vinci Code.  

However, like in the movie The Usual Suspects, there is a story you are led to believe and then there is the real one.  Full Circle sets out to tell the real story, the one everyone needs to experience.

Her Gift, by D. Romeo  (Firenze 4/22)

In the mid-90s two idealistic computer geeks from across the pond connected through their strangely shared commonalities, which set them on a path to Florence, Italy.  They were amongst the first to the social side of the internet and were just as much artists as they were coders, one a better coder, the other a better artist. They never knew how it would go, because if they did it's hard to say if they could have faced those future fears to reach their dreams, likely not.  Their various lines of code would oftentimes mirror the artists of old in uniquely profound ways.  

(Day 1 - Baltic)

18/8/98 - 18/8/28

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